October 8, 2016

Wedding Central

Welcome to Wedding Central!!  First of all, we hope to see all of you at the wedding.  We know the majority of our guests will have to travel from another state and we understand the logistics involved.  We have created this site to hopeful make your travels a little easier and to make your stay here like a little vacation.

On the above tabs you will find information on hotels houses and places to stay.  You will also find directions to the wedding venue.  Valley Country Club is south of Denver Metro and very easy to find.  Unfortunately, it is a little off of the beaten path, so you may need a car rental if you are flying in.

There is also a tab where I have compiled a list of events, attractions, and things to do in Colorado while you are here.  We are hoping that while you come to visit, you will also be able to experience some of the things that our great city and surrounding areas has to offer.  

The rest of the site is a little piece of Darren and I.  Please read Our story, check out our photos and read a little about our dear friends that are standing up for us.